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Omnis Network Hosting Ratings

Omnis Network Hosting Rating and Reviews - Highly Recommended
An excellent web host — highly recommended!
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Omnis Network Hosting is a fairly large hosting company, having over 200,000 accounts using their services. They have been offering their services for a long time, since 1999, and have built their business by offering comprehensive services surrounded by great support.

Quick Facts About Omnis Network Hosting

  • Omnis has been in operation since 1999, and have won several awards for Best Support and Editor’s Choice for Web Hosting.
  • Are serving over 200,000 accounts
  • Hosting Plans: 12 months ($6.95/month), 24 months ($5.95/month)
  • Phone: 877-393-4678

Products and Services by Omnis Network Hosting

With Omnis Network Hosting, you do have a lot of the features other hosting sites have, but there is no tiered pricing for business users. Pricing is dependent on the length of the contract. For 12 months, the hosting plan is $6.95/month, and then that price drops a $1.00/month for 24 months ($5.95). Pricing for a Windows-based hosting plan start at $8.95/month and drops to $7.95/month for a 24 month plan.

With the hosting package, you receive: a free domain for life (with a year or longer package), unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, host unlimited domains, 24/7 support, online help, and have access to free installation scripts to install the best online software available (including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more).

Hostorian’s Review of Omnis Network Web Hosting

Omnis Network’s Performance

Omnis Network Hosting offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, with 24/7 network monitoring, UPS power backup, and courtesy site backups, plus a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Omnis Network’s Features

The standard features are available at Omnis Network Hosting, such as one click install for popular software. From blogs (WordPress, b2evolution, Nucleus), Content Management Systems (Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla, Movable Type, Xoops), eCommerce (CubeCart, Zen Cart, Open Cart), and much more. They also offer free site promotion tools, a free SiteBuilder with templates, and advertising credits for Yahoo ($25) and Google AdWords ($50).

You also have access to their Design services (receive a free quote with an account), and can register a domain name with pricing from $8.95 for a .com domain, $7.95 for a .net or .org domain, to $14.95 for a, with many more options for discounts for mass registrations.

Support and Customer Care by Omnis Network

Support for Omnis Network Solutions is much better than a lot of the other hosting companies out there.

They offer 24/7 phone support, a live chat system, a knowledge base, and video tutorials. The knowledge base has several hundred articles available to read that include How To’s, FAQ’s, and common problems. The video tutorials are not as comprehensive as the knowledge base, but do offer the basic topics, including how to install WordPress or another installation script.


  • Offers great choices for software to get your website operational right away, plus $75 worth of advertising coupons to market the site.
  • A very good rate for unlimited domains, space, and bandwidth, and can cancel at any time.
  • Over 10 years of hosting experience, and highly recommended by users.


  • Only one hosting package available, no room for upgrades.
  • No other services available apart from cloud hosting.
  • Some customers noted issues in previous years of their services being slowed because they were using too much space (20+ GB).

Actual Customer Reviews for Omnis Network Hosting

“Had several domains with another provider. Wasn’t happy with that provider for various reasons, but always hesitated to move my accounts because of the hassle. But when they had a server go down that actually lost some data and accounts, that was the final straw. Found Omnis and tried one account with them. There service was good and solid, so decided to move everything over to them. The tech support was great and helped move all my domains over and consolidate them on one account using their link accounts tool. Just had to contact my old registrar and get the auth code to transfer the domains to Omnis and where to input the auth code. A lot simpler than I thought it was going to be. Will be keeping my accounts with Omnis for a long time.” – Mike Cole

“I have shared hosting with dedicated IP, unlimited/unlimited. I’m running WordPress with MySQL. My website’s performance is surprisingly good. I had the exact same setup at another web hosting company, but the performance was awful. Site crashed a few times, and their support never gave me specific answers. Support at Omnis is much more reliable. I have to give Omnis credit. Good job.” – Peter Robertson

“Wow what great service. I’ve been using Omnis for my web hosting, and the service has been outstanding. When I had some problems with my email early on, I contacted their tech support. Easy to reach, and friendly to talk to. We were able to get things fixed really fast. Its great to have such quality staff providing support. Everything has been working perfectly since. Its been two years now. Omnis is the best! “ –

Verdict of this Omnis Network Review

Omnis Network Hosting is an excellent option for a site that is small in stature. I would not recommend it for a site that aims to host a lot of photographs or streaming audio/video due to the comments made by some users of their site being slowed because of using too much space. Omnis seems like the ideal solution for someone wanting to set up a blog or an eCommerce website.

I am not fond of sites that only have one hosting plan available and you pay dependent on the length of your contract. This is good for people who own an established, small business, because it is likely the website will be used for at least 24 months. For someone who is just starting up a blog and is noncommittal about the length, it is not an attractive offer. Of course, committing to a plan of over six months will make you commit to publishing to a site regularly.

I did not find any negative comments about Omnis Network Hosting from the past year. There are some from early 2009 and earlier that warned of the sites being slowed down, but this should not be an issue for the majority of the users. Most of the users have only raved about the support they received from the technicians at Omnis.

Omnis Network Hosting is an attractive option for web hosting for an advanced user or a beginner who is willing to commit to a service. With excellent support and great features available to the hosting plan, Omnis Network Hosting is highly regarded. I will rank them highly and give them a 4.5/5 stars.

Click here to visit Omnis Network Hosting’s official website.

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Click here to visit Omnis Network Hosting’s official website.

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