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Nethosting Web Hosting Ratings

Nethosting Web Hosting Rating and Reviews - Seems good
Seems to be a good web host overall, would be worth a try
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NetHosting is a company that specializes in the hosting your websites, without offering the suite of applications available at other larger sites. Their primary business is through dedicated and virtual hosting, giving the power of the site’s operation completely to the customer. Servers are completely upgradable to your specifications allowing you to build the server you need.

Quick Facts About NetHosting

  • NetHosting was been in operation since 1994, based out of Orem,UT.
  • Hosting Services: Dedicated ($99.00/month and up), Virtual Private Server ($24.95 per month and up), Virtual Hosting ($7.95/month and up)
  • Phone: 888-534-4678

Products and Services by Nethosting

NetHosting is a different company from the other hosting sites out there in that they focus on dedicated server accounts. They give the customer the power to setup their server in the way they would like them to be, whether that is the hard drive size or the memory available or the operating system. For the Mark I v2 dedicated service, the starting package comes with 1 GB of RAM, 500 GB of hard drive space, an Intel 1.8 Ghz processor, and your choice of CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, or Windows as an operating system. You can upgrade the memory up to 8 GB, hard drive up to a terabyte, but the processor is not upgradable.

The Virtual Private Server is a cheaper alternative to the dedicated solution, but has limitations with the service it can provide. The VPS 128 comes with 128 MB of RAM, 5 GB of space, CentOS, and only 50 GB of data transfer. These options are only upgradable by purchasing a higher tiered plan, which nearly double in price.

The Virtual Hosting offers 10 GB of space, 100 GB of transfer, and gives you the ability to host an unlimited amount of domain names. The options to add applications to this service are extremely limited. They only offer support for adding WordPress, MediaWiki, OsCommerce, CubeCart, PHPBB, and PHPShop. The service is not amateur friendly.

Hostorian’s Review of Nethosting

Nethosting’s Performance

NetHosting offers a 100% guarantee for uptime through redundant systems. You can get your money back for any services that you have paid for but have not used yet (if pre-paying for the year), but there are no 30 day money-back guarantees.

Nethosting’s Features

Features are extremely limited for the virtual hosting plans. Apart from what is mentioned above, they do offer full POP3 email support, the ability to host an unlimited number of email accounts and setup IMAP accounts. They do support all the major scripting languages, and offer unlimited number of FTP accounts.

Support and Customer Care by Nethosting

Support for NetHosting has a few options available: there is live 24/7 chat, phone support, and an email ticket system. There are a limited amount of FAQs and articles mainly about setting up your server, but no articles about setting up WordPress, for example.


  • Offers great choices to customize your server to get your website operational right away.
  • Affordable hosting plans for small to mid-size businesses.
  • 24/7 support is available through different channels


  • Very limited options in adding applications easily to your virtual servers.
  • Not enough actual customer reviews available to backup NetHosting’s claims.

Actual Customer Reviews for Nethosting

“Nethosting is a great company to work with. Their service is top of the line and my website has never been down. Pricing is good, give them a call and they will always work with you on the price. Used them for almost 2 years now and I’ve never had a problem” – John

“The pricing looks excellent. Sadly, we are based in the UK, so the exchange rate with the dollar is making it more expensive than it would usually be. Also, there are often time of day issues with support between here and the US, and also some speed and congestion issues during busy trans-atlantic periods.” – Terry, Conveyancing Manager, UK

“It’s one thing to experience an instance of exceptional quality of service and out-of-this-world customer satisfaction when doing business with a company; it’s another to experience this with the unmatched dedication and consistency that is Nethosting. That is why I’ve done business with them for over thirteen years. They are more than a vendor; they are my technology partner.” – J. Pedroza, owner, Strüdelhosen Design

Verdict of this Nethosting Review

It is extremely difficult to accurately gauge what NetHosting brings to the table because there are no easily accessible reviews available online. With other hosting companies, it is easy to find relatively accurate accounts of the user experience, whether it is good or bad, and be able to compare NetHosting’s claims to the actual experience.

NetHosting claims to have 100% uptime with their services, and offer stellar support through chat, email, and by the phone. Without the user experience, there is no way to verify this information. I can say that they offer a variety of options when setting up your server, and the virtual hosting plans are comparable to other sites, except for the lack of a full suite of applications to install. NetHosting only offers eight different applications to easily install. On other hosting sites, there are eight different applications in the blogging section alone. This is the one major drawback towards NetHosting for people who are just beginning to setup a website. For professionals who are comfortable working within a file manager to upload and install their software, it will not be a major concern.

For professionals who are looking for a place to set up their website, NetHosting appears to be a good option for them. The prices are reasonable, the options to upgrade the server is powerful, and there is support around the clock available to you. I do advise you to look at their policies posted on the website to make sure you are comfortable with their terms before you build your website.

NetHosting is definitely worth a look, and based on the few customer reviews that are available they do seem to be a good web hosting company for dedicated servers and virtual servers hosting.

Click here to visit Nethosting’s official website.

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