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Livedrive Online Backup & File Storage — Reviews and Ratings

Livedrive Online Backup & File Storage Rating and Reviews - Not too good
Livedrive looks like a great service from what they offer, but fails to fully deliver.
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Livedrive is an online backup solution for your data residing on your computer, but offers a bunch of different options in accessing your data. It works seamlessly in the background doing all the work for you, keeping your data in the cloud in a secure environment. Compatible with Mac and PC, it is an affordable solution to backing up your computer data.

Quick Facts About Livedrive

  • Livedrive has been in operation since 2008.
  • Pricing: Backup ($6.95month or $59.98/year) or Backup & Briefcase ($16.95/month or $153.95/year)
  • Contact:

Products and Services by Livedrive

The statistics are quite staggering when it comes to data loss. 43% of people lose irreplaceable files every year, only 3 out of every 100 laptops stolen are recovered, and up to 13% of hard drives fail in their first year. Livedrive has come along and developed a service to save that data before you lose it. Their software sits on your computer and uploads all or select files to their servers in a secure manner. They offer two different plans, a plain Backup solution, and the Backup & Briefcase option which gives you some added features.

The Backup plan starts at $6.95/month or $59.98 for the year if you pre-pay. With the service, you get unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth to access your files, unlimited transfer speed (no caps on upload/download speeds if you have a high-speed internet connection), and you can install the software on any number of computers. After you install the software and do the initial backup, you will be able to log into the website to view the files like you would if they were on your desktop. The added bonus is that not only can you see the files, you can view the content of them, too (photos, videos, play music, and display Office documents). Livedrive has also developed an iPhone/iPod App that gives you the same accessibility as logging into the online account. It allows you to stream music to your iPhone/iPod or view the photos. There is also a Blackberry application.

With the Backup & Briefcase option, you get everything mentioned earlier, plus a few added features. You can install the software on any number of computers, but each computer can access the same Briefcase. This allows you to synchronize your work files with your computer at home or with your work laptop so you can see the files while traveling. There is also the ability to edit the documents or photos through the web browser. This is a handy feature for text documents if you need to update some notes. You also have the ability to share your documents with anyone by sending a private link to the file on the servers. No need to worry about the size of that email attachment. Put it on Livedrive and send the link for people to download.

Hostorian’s Review of Livedrive

Livedrive’s Performance

Livedrive offers two options to try out the software.

There is a 14 day trial which gives you the opportunity to try out both the Backup & Briefcase options. There are no restrictions of usage besides the two week trial timeline.

The other option is to purchase a plan, and then have a 30 day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

The only difference between the two is the purchase plan is cheaper if you do decide to continue with the service. After the 14 day trial if you want to continue, you get charged the full price of the plan.

Livedrive does not take up too much computer memory when in operation, and you have the option to limit the bandwidth usage. With the backups, Livedrive will do one automatically when the program is first started up, but you can schedule one daily at a certain time if you like leaving the program open and running. Livedrive does do backups of their servers on a daily basis in case something happens to fail on their end.


  • Offers a solution to backup your computers without concern for bandwidth usage or storage space
  • Works for PC or Mac
  • Ability to view files through website or iPhone/iPod


  • Customers mention frequent data corruptions
  • Desktop client can run slowly
  • Poor to no customer support – only available by email, no phone, live chat, or forums.

Actual Customer Reviews of Livedrive

“You can’t make a genuine assessment of Livedrive’s service in 1 week, let alone within their 30 day trial period. Slowly but surely, severe flaws start to become apparent. As each build of the client would come out once a month (if we were lucky), it would take 2 steps forward and then 3 back. The basic functionality of being able to reliably backup my library became worse and worse. Checksum errors, file corruption, uploads that take forever, files that upload over and over again, I could go on and on. Once you run their client for a while and start looking behind the fancy interface to verify whether it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, you find out that you’ve been ripped off. After 6-1/2 months of pure frustration, I finally got a refund. Your mileage may vary.” – Bruce

1. No Support Response
2. Files get corrupted
3. Files get lost
4. Desktop Client is unusable on slower pcs (i.e.. netbooks)
5. Livedrive does not guarantee for the files. if your files get lost due to hardware issue at they are gone forever.
6. Livedrive lies on their customers (i.e. they say they use encryption, actually the DO NOT)
7Livedrive staff can look at your data.
8. Livedrive can ban you any time and without prior warning and without violating the ToS
9. FTP does not work consistently
and so on and so on…” – Brethil

“I’ve seen mention issues of corrupted files and data. This is something I pointed out would happen, as their backend software has difficulty in assigning storage properly through their very poorly implemented database.
Encryption? Not a hope! Their servers weren’t (aren’t?) powerful enough to deal with it, so it didn’t (doesn’t?) happen. They had not even worked out how to separate peoples accounts securely. I’m pretty sure that given a few hours and an account I could hack between peoples accounts and get some juicy data from them. I’m just not prepared to pay for the account to do it!” – Ed

Verdict of this Livedrive Review

Livedrive looks like a great service from what they offer, but fails to fully deliver if the user complaints are to be believed. The Desktop client for the Mac does run a bit slow, but it is only a Technical Preview and will improve in time. Getting everything setup on the computer is painless, and it starts to synchronize immediately after you select which folders to backup. The files were available as soon as they were marked as complete, too. One flaw with the synchronization process that I came across was that it only sends one file at a time, making a very slow first time process if you have more than a hundred files to backup.

If Livedrive was a free service to use, it would be well worth trying out as it is easy to use. If you are operating a business and want to backup some important files, there may be a better service available to you. This is all being judged by only seeing some rather negative comments about the service and hardly any good comments from longterm users. All short term reviewers were thrilled with the service. I especially like the iPod application, myself.

If you only need the ability to backup a small number of files, a service like DropBox will suit you just fine. The reviews of Livedrive make me too cautious with using their services for real important data. It may be best suited for music and videos if you want to sync it between multiple computers. I will rate it a 3.5 out of 5.

Click here to go to Livedrive’s official website.

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  • I have asked Livedrive to cancel my account. The said they did but it continually tries to upload files to my allegedly cancelled account.


    This message has been automatically generated in response to the creation of a support request regarding: –

    “Account Cancellation”

    There is no need to reply to this message right now. Your support ticket has been assigned a Ticket ID of [ #223612].

    If you wish to contact us again regarding “Account Cancellation” please include the string: –

    [ #223612]

    in the subject line of all future correspondence.


    The Livedrive Team.

    Please close my account



  • I try to reach the support with mail: No answer for days. So i wrote a mail to to cancel my contract (i am in the 2 week test phase) and i feel like an idiot because i already paid for 5 years: No answer at all.What can i do?

  • Livedrive tried to renew my subs but the card was out of date and LD emailed me asking me to fix this (BTW NEVER set up subs with a credit card there is no direct debit-like protection).

    Anyway, sub had gone from £40 to £100 – no explanation. I thought perhaps I had unknowingly upgraded (I tried briefcase during the year) but could find no record of doing this and it wasn’t obvious on my account. I emailed back asking why increase – no response. Another email from them saying account was suspended and wouldn’t be reinstated without payment and I had 7 days or my backup would be wiped. What does this look like to you? Yes, blackmail is the word – or perhaps extortion.

    Anyway, I have other backups and there are lots of other online backup services so I switched.

    LiveDrive works technically but any company with this poor service and gouging attitude is destined for failure.

    Postscript – I uninstalled LiveDrive and now the PC is playing up – hanging programs, missing icons etc..

  • This is all very worrying!
    Among other negative comments around the web, it is making me think again about a 50 user account for our
    business. As if I spend a great deal of time setting this up, and the expectations are high here that this could transform the way our business works… I am extremely hesitant to begin this process with them.
    I am stuck for a 5TB offsite briefcase type solution to compare with Livedrive. Anyone with viable options for us would be appreciated.

  • Personal experience of long term unresolved file corruption problems. Avoid.

  • I didn’t like the service and to cancel my account it took a couple of emails. The problem I face now is that I did the backup from an external drive and now my laptop hard drive is full, I don’t have any space and I can’t find where the files are to delete them from my laptop. Does anyone have a clue where I might find them or under what name?

  • I want to cancel my account. Therefore, I need to submit a ticket to Billing and Accounts
    ( ) . But there is no button marked ”Submit A Ticket”. Plus, I wrote e-mail to support team and no reply… How can I cancel my account? please, give me clear instruction. There is no customer support.

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