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Google web hosting has become much more popular since they abandoned the Google Page Creator in favor of Google Sites, which was launched in February of 2008.

Advantages of Google web hosting

Google sites offers everyone a chance to start their own website for free.  Google web hosting, with Google Sites, has a number of great features, especially for a free service, but has some limitations as well.

Google Sites has some of the most important Web 2.0 and monetization tools that every website needs to succeed. This includes:

  • Native RSS feeds
  • Custom templates for both pages and entire sites
  • Excellent default template
  • Revision history that allows you to look at previous versions of your website
  • Multiple layout options
  • Access to a library of custom widgets and gadgets to increase the functionality of Google Sites

Your Google web hosting websites are also fully integratable with some of Google’s most prized applications including Google Adsense, Webmaster Tools, YouTube, Google Video, Google Docs, Google Maps and more.  All of this allows for a more interactive website as well as a way to monetize your site.

For a free website, Google web hosting offers a lot more than most.

Disadvantages of Google web hosting

There are some limitations to keep in mind as well.

The first is the size of your website.  Google Sites only gives you 100 MB of storage, however if you are a paid Google Apps client, you get 10 GB of storage.

There is also not a lot of customization outside of the provided website themes.  This means that you do not get to customize the CSS, template, and does not allow you to add any Javascript.

It is also important to consider how important a domain name is.

A web address with Google Sites will look like similar to this: instead of a traditional domain that you would otherwise purchase.  Your site-name must also be at least 6 characters and can only be alphanumeric.

It is also important to consider that, as with other free hosting companies, you do not actually “own” the website.  You cannot move it and Google can shut it down at any time.

As long as you follow the terms of service, you will be fine, but it would be devastating to work hard on your website and create a solid level of traffic only to have your website shut down.

Plus, since you don’t have complete control over the website, you cannot create page re-directs to help funnel your traffic to a new website.

Choosing whether or not Google web hosting is right for you is a decision that only you can make.  There are both beneficial features and potential drawbacks that you need to consider.

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