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How Does Go Daddy Hosting Perform?

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Major player online, which they seem to take for granted. Their customer service / experience is lacking.
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I’ve always had mixed feelings about the well-known domain services company Godaddy.com. In my years of building and hosting websites, I’ve inevitably had to do some business with them. Quite simply – they are a giant of the web, and will be for a long time. What they do well is provide a breadth of services – domain registration, domain parking, domain hosting, and much more – at competitive pricing. Unfortunately, they are also good at annoying the hell out of you!

And that is my biggest Godaddy complaint: the negative user experience.  Everything is designed to squeeze as much money from you as possible, and it’s not at all subtle. I’d love to see their CEO go through the process of registering a domain and adding hosting to it. By the end he’d have sold his company shares and moved to Budapest!

But that’s me. What do other customers think of Godaddy hosting?

Real Godaddy Customer Reviews

GoDaddy is a terrible web host! I believe the massively oversell what their servers are capable of. This results in everything being SLOW. Then when you contact customer support, they lie and try to tell you the speed must be your ISP’s fault. Utter crap, as services such as Google Analytics show it is Godaddy that’s slow. After switching to Bluehost my speeds are much better and the customer support is far better. I rate them dishonest and unreliable. – Jason B. via Email

Since joining them a few months ago, I’ve had to battle with tech support far more than I should have. They like to tell me it’s my site files or something on my end but after researching it further I know it is THEM. You see this come up again and again. Sites are slow, and when contacted about the problem, rather than help or be honest with you, they throw it back in your face. Yes they are cheap but if the site’s don’t load, what’s the point? I would never recommend them as it’s just so easy to do better with all the other “great” hosts out there! – Danielle Summers, California

I use GoDaddy a lot because the nature of my business requires I set up a new hosting account for each site. So I am constantly registering a new domain and attaching the economy hosting to it. I do this all in one transaction. Checking out is easy enough once you know what to select and what to avoid. Then once I’ve done that I use their WordPress install with just one click and I have a new domain, hosting, and wordpress in a matter of minutes. I like that. As for the actual hosting? It’s fine for me. I send a lot of traffic to the sites and they need to be up and reliable as money depends on it. And so far they’ve been good. Not sure what all the complaints are about! – Christoph, UK

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GoDaddy Hosting Verdict

The control panels are counter-intuitive  and the checkout process will drive you crazy. Once you get used to the “crap”, the actual service is pretty good. The hosting is reliable and fast, in my experience.  I know others have not been so lucky.They have one-click install for WordPress and a nifty online file manager if FTP is not your thing. But recommending them over a top rated webhost like Bluehost or Host Gator is hard. I would rather register my domains at NameCheap and then host through another company. For a one-stop shop though, they are okay.

Pros: One stop shop; well integrated services; pretty good value; good technology; large and stable.

Cons: Annoying; in your face marketing and up selling; insist on doing it their way.

My Rating: 3/5 stars

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  • Like you say, easy to find a better alternative. Don’t forget they support draconian web regulations!

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