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Dotster Web Hosting Ratings

Dotster Web Hosting Rating and Reviews - Not very good
Not a very good web host!
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Dotster is a hosting company that prides itself on offering a one-stop shopping center for your hosting needs. They are currently managing over 3 million domains, which makes it one of the largest hosting companies in the world. They have built upon relationships with their customer base to add several services to make it more convenient for current and future customers.

Quick Facts About Dotster Web Hosting

  • Dotster is based out of Vancouver, Washington
  • Are managing over 3 million domains
  • Services: Basic ($5.75/month), Deluxe ($8.75), Ultra ($15.99). All packages have discounted rates depending on length of contract.
  • Phone: 360-449-5800

Products and Services by Dotster

Dotster is impressive with their range of services available to you, covering all of your needs. From domain registration to hosting to offering you design tools for your website or blog, Dotster has it all.

Basic Hosting starts at $5.75 a month, but that prices drops if you choose a longer contract (up to 30% off with a 5 year contract). With the Basic plan, you receive 10GB of space, 300GB of bandwidth, and only one domain. With the Deluxe ($8.75/month), those increase to 100GB of space, unlimited bandwidth, and 50 domains, and then Ultra plan ($15.99/month) offers unlimited in all those features.

All plans include some great tools to use for your website, including one-click installation for WordPress, Joomla, ZenCart, TikiWiki, Nucleus, and more. You also receive 100 email accounts with the Basic account (500 with Deluxe, unlimited with Ultra), and remote access to your server.

You can also register your domain at the site (limited types of domains, however).They also offer various business solutions, including the website builder package that starts at $49.00/month and includes free domain, Basic Hosting, and a professional web design. There are also options for SEO Marketing, Local Site Promotion, Email Marketing, and Social Networking.

Hostorian’s Review of Dotster Web Hosting

Dotster’s Performance

Dotster offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, with 24/7 network monitoring, full network redundancy, data backups, and Tier-1 Gigabit Internet connections.

Dotster’s Features

There are plenty of features available to the hosting packages. The packages include web analytic tools, remote database access, lots of one click install software packages (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ZenCart, TikiWiki, etc.), and email anti-virus, auto-responder and POP/SMTP support.

Support and Customer Care by Dotster

Support for Dotster is rather limited considering the amount of domains under their control. Support is given by 24/7 phone support, and email, no live chat support. Several customers have noted that the support they received was rather poor, which is not a good sign.

They do have a FAQ/Knowledge base system on their website, but there is no way to input your own questions and there is no community feedback for helpful tips. You rely solely on the knowledge of the technicians at Dotster. The questions they answer are fairly diverse, but the answers do not have any videos or screenshots to help guide you through the process.


  • Offers one-stop shopping for all your hosting needs
  • Discounted rates depending on length of contract
  • Nearly 10 years of hosting experience to help you succeed


  • Basic Hosting is rather limited compared to other sites
  • Additional services offered are expensive
  • Poor reviews of customer support

Actual Customer Reviews of Dotster Web Hosting

“Dotster is absolutely the worst registrar I have ever had to deal with. I have been trying for two weeks now to change the name servers for a client to point to GoDaddy where he has his hosting account. I have been on hold with their non-existant “customer service” (now there’s an oxymoron) for as long as 178 minutes. My client is getting mad at me because I can not get his web site to show, I have submitted numerous tickets to Dotser with only one canned reply telling me someone would get back to me with-in 24 hours and never did and I can not reach them by phone. I have even tried calling their sales line and have gotten a message that said to contact them during normal business hours. When exactly are their normal business hours since it isnot 9-5 M-F Use Godaddy or another hosting company that also acts as a registrar, avoid Dotster like the plague – the Worst they should be investigated! “ – John Martin

“I switched from Register because of endless problems every time they implemented “improvements” and “upgrades,” to Dotster. I am very disappointed in its webmail, which is hardly user friendly. Downloading is extremely slow and most functions are also very slow. Technical support is limited to 9-5 weekdays and nothing on weekends. Support is poor and there are never any call backs.” – Jean Kirshenbaum

“I have dealt with many hosting companies in the past and I would rate Dotster as the worst. Buyer beware. I have never been in a situation where if I canceled early, I would not get a refund. I do not need to be hateful or anything but their plans are high and the service is not something I would recommend. At first things seemed great but after a while, service went down as well as speed. We were running a site with videos and the HD videos were so slow to load where Go Daddy has faster service and lower priced plans.” – Roger Sandoval

Verdict of this Dotster Review

After looking over all the services that Dotster offer, they looked like a good company to work with. The one-stop shopping is most convenient for people who do not want to worry about redirecting their name-servers and want options for design services. The list of one-click install for software options is impressive, and I was happy to see that you don’t need to pay an outrageous amount to get a blog or CMS site operational.

When I started reviewing the customer reviews, however, a different story emerges. There are plenty of poor comments about the lack of support received, customer service skills were poor, or there was no response at all. Support and customer service are very important when dealing with a hosting company because so many problems can arise, and often do, when setting up a site.

I would suggest people proceed with caution, and maybe go with the Basic package at first until you find a comfort level with the hosting services available to you. Several people made longterm commitments only to later regret them. Because of the customer complaints that were quite numerous, I would only rate Dotster a 3.5/5.

Click here to go to the official Dotster website.

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