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CoreCommerce E-Commerce & Shopping Cart Hosting

CoreCommerce Web Hosting Rating and Reviews - very good host
A great web host for ecommerce & shopping cart hosting — highly recommended!
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CoreCommerce is a specialty website geared towards helping you set-up and run a fully featured eStore. The software was previously only available as a licensed property, but now offers a monthly service to help small to medium sized businesses grow. They currently power over 13,000 stores online, including clients such as, GE, Michigan State University, and Clear Channel Radio.

Quick Facts About CoreCommerce

  • CoreCommerce has been hosting eCommerce sites since 2008
  • 13,000 stores online in 60 countries.
  • Tech Support Staff have an average tenure of 3 years.
  • Based in Franklin, TN, USA
  • Services: Beginner ($19.99/month), Starter ($24.99), Basic ($39.99), Standard ($79.99), and Pro ($99.99)
  • Phone: 800.747.4270

Products and Services by CoreCommerce

As mentioned previously, coreCommerce is a site focused on setting your eShops up quickly and easily.

Their Beginner package ($19.99/month) is for a small store of 100 products, 1 GB of data transfer, and 100 MB of storage space. That package scales up to the high-end of the Pro package which includes 5,000 products, 20 GB of data transfer, and 1 GB of storage space.

All packages include mobile commerce, Facebook Integration, free support, and no setup fee. If that wasn’t enough, they offer an additional 36 services included in the packages, among them: pre-designed templates, Quickbooks integration, Google Checkout, marketing tools, one page checkout, and much more.

coreCommerce really wants to see your site succeed, so they offer additional services to make sure that happens. If you want to accept credit card payments in your store, they offer a service to do that for you that is priced reasonably at 2.29% for Visa/Mastercard, plus a $10 monthly service fee. You can also register your domain name through the site.

The real helpful, but expensive, service they offer is the custom design packages. These packages cover all areas of the website: logo, slideshow for your products, homepage design, etc. They offer these services individually, or as packages that cover multiple items (starting at $1,999). There are cheaper options out there to get the design work done, but on the other hand, their designers have been using their product for a long time and will be comfortable with all the in’s and outs. If you have the money, it would be a worthwhile investment.

Hostorian’s Review of CoreCommerce Web Hosting

CoreCommerce Performance

CoreCommerce offers a 99.9% guarantee for uptime, but their hosting is done through Rackspace which offers a 100% guarantee for server uptime. From reading countless customer reviews of the site, not one of them have mentioned any issues with their store being down or other performance issues.

CoreCommerce Features

The list of features that are included with any of the hosting packages seems endless.

Here are some of the features that stand out on their lists that offers something additional to help your business grow:

  • Automatic free upgrades and updates
  • Phone order system and built in Point of Sale (POS)
  • Receive text message alerts for when orders are placed
  • Search engine friendly (entire site is optimized)
  • Gift certificate and coupon system
  • Integration with major shipping providers (USPS, UPS, FedEX, DHL, Canada Post, etc)
  • Customers can setup accounts for each store
  • Vendor and multiple warehouse control
  • And so much more!

Support and Customer Care by CoreCommerce

Support for coreCommerce comes from their live phone support (with a call centre based in the US, but not available 24/7), a 24/7 ticket system (supported after office hours by on-call engineers), and by live chat (regular office hours).

They also have training videos (including a YouTube channel) that cover topics as diverse as the Support Ticketing System to Configuring Pre-Designed Templates to setting up the Point of Sale system. The videos walk you through step-by-step and are quite detailed. With some of the videos have over 3,000 views on YouTube, the tutorial videos are getting well used.

CoreCommerce also has an extensive knowledge database available for customers to use through their forum.


  • Easy, free setup using pre-designed templates
  • Offers more services included in the package than one needs
  • Web design and marketing services available
  • Facebook, eBay, and mobile integration


  • No option to self-host on your own server (but can use custom domain names)
  • Not able to include a personal/company blog on the website.
  • No 24/7 hour support option by phone (only through emergency tickets to on-call engineers)

Actual Customer Reviews of CoreCommerce Hosting

“One of the biggest strengths is they don’t sit still. We had been with a web company that told us that their cart was basically ‘cooked’ or done as they called it. (Never tell me there will be no more features, especially in the online market.) CoreCommerce always seems to be coming out with new features, tweaks and upgrades. I love that. They also have free customer support with real people who want to help. That is huge. I have never had a bad experience with any of its customer service people.” – Tim Burns

“I’ve been in e-commerce for 5 years. During that time, I’ve built stores with Yahoo, Network Solutions (Monster Commerce), Volusion, and Core Commerce. We’ve had problems with the other providers, but CoreCommerce has been great.” – Ross Cohen

“I have used Miva, Yahoo Store, and Volusion in the past (having set-up multiple websites). I just decided to try the CoreCommerce software yesterday, and was able to put up a full-featured site in 48 hours. I am really impressed with the ease of use offered by CoreCommerce, love the pricing, and am hoping it will do well in terms of SEO too. Also, they have a lot of great features that you have to pay extra for when you use other software or buy modules (as in Miva).” – Cari Haus

Verdict of this CoreCommerce Review

CoreCommerce is a hosting site that offers more than one could ever imagine using, and the majority of it is rolled into their packages. With tight integration with important tools such as Facebook, mobile, shipping companies, and Quickbooks, you will be able to focus your attention to the products and customers, not the operation of the administrative tasks.

While the live support is lacking if you need assistance after 6pm EST, this may not be a major concern for people considering the uptimes are guaranteed at 100% through the Rackspace service. Having the training videos and forums may also solve your issues without having to make that phone call to the support centre.

I browsed several of the websites that use the CoreCommerce shopping cart software, and I came away quite impressed with the quality and layout of the designs. I went through the purchasing of a few items to get a feel for the checkout procedure, and it is very straight forward to use. There are going to be few to no phone calls to you asking for help when checking out with an order online.

Overall, this company is top notch from the top to the bottom with what they offer. Their monthly prices are higher than those of a regular hosting company, but the inclusion of so many services make it hard to beat. They are the best shopping cart option on the Internet today, and they rank highly with all of their customers.

I would have to rate CoreCommerce 4.5 stars out of 5.

Click here to visit CoreCommerce’s official website.

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  • […] coreCommerce is highly recommended by the Hostorian for their excellent software for shopping cart and ecommerce. Check them out! […]

  • […] coreCommerce is highly recommended by the Hostorian for their excellent software for shopping cart and ecommerce. Check them out! […]

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