Cool Handle Web Hosting

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Cool Handle Web Hosting

Cool Handle Web Hosting Rating and Reviews - A good web host
A good web host — recommended!
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Cool Handle Hosting is a fully featured hosting company looking to help anyone get started, from beginners to professionals. With Cool Handle Hosting, you can register your domain name, choose a hosting package, and get your site operational right away. They offer round the clock support, plus additional services to help design your website to get you published and earning more revenue.

Quick facts about Cool Handle Web Hosting

  • Cool Handle Hosting was started in 2001.
  • Ranked highly on several web hosting sites.
  • Based in Florida.
  • Services: Starter package ($7.95/month), Business ($10.95), Professional ($12.95), plus 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Phone: 866.200.2828

Products and Services by Cool Handle Web Hosting

Cool Handle primarily focuses on managed servers, which allows you to focus on your content rather than be bothered with maintaining the server.

They do offer a dedicated package, but the server is not customizable if you want to upgrade the memory or hard drive space. The managed packages come in three tiers: Starter ($7.95/month), Business ($10.95) and Pro ($12.95). The only differences between the tiers are the amount of IP addresses and domains you can have. All three offer unlimited bandwidth and hard drive space, which will make the choice of package easier on the consumer.

Hostorian’s Review of Cool Handle Web Hosting

Cool Handle’s Performance

The website guarantees a 99.9% uptime for all servers, apart from the usual maintenance and upkeep. Out of all the customer reviews of the service online, only one mentioned problems of a server going down. That being said, an official from Cool Handle responded to the complaint and said it was the first time the server had failed since being installed, and was fixed right away.

Cool Handle’s Features

The features available for Cool Handle Hosting are endless. The highlights include instant backups and restore, web-based file manager, support for all major code and database types, a website builder, and support of Fantastico which allows you to install software easily (such as WordPress, Drupal, e-cart software, online support systems, and much more). Cool Handle also includes a webmail application, a full suite of tracking programs to get your website statistics, and usage of CPanel (for Linux) or Plex (for Windows) – the best control panels for servers available.

Support and Customer Care by Cool Handle

There are several options to receive support with Cool Hosting, just like other major hosting companies, whether you are a customer with them or not.

There are agents available for a phone call 24/7, as well as, live chat (which doesn’t ask you to install any software, but does ask for an email address). The agent I decided to chat with was very polite and prompt with their responses.

Cool Handle also offers a knowledge base archive to browse through, and flash tutorials. The tutorials that I watched were very well put together, and some of the best I’ve seen on the Internet. They cover all the major software Cool Handle supports, and go into detail about certain tasks. One could easily design a good website through watching these tutorials alone.

One more thing I mentioned earlier is that Cool Handle has agents browsing the review sites and responding to the users. That is a sign that they understand consumer needs and care enough to make people happy.


  • Loads of software options available to load onto your site
  • 24/7 Live Support by phone, email, or live chat
  • Video tutorials for all software options, including email, ftp, WordPress


  • Only one option available for dedicated servers
  • Not many upgrades with more expensive packages
  • Slightly more expensive than other options

Actual Customer Reviews of Cool Handle Web Hosting

“I used Cool Handle hosting services for more than 4 years now, the service, price and features are the best, with lowest prices, unlimited space and bandwidth and some special packages, this is one of the best services I had ever found and I’m glad to say I proudly recommend this company. 100% uptime, great customer service and attention.” – Alejandro Vallejo

“I’m happy to report that my experience with their hosting service has been outstanding. I’ve been with other hosts, and no one has ever been as forthcoming with explanations as they have been. For example, I am new to cpanel, and their cpanel Wizard walked me through right away. I had no questions left to ask when I finished with my setups.” – Ed Peters

“CoolHandle provides awesome service with great customer service and the best of all, great prices! There’s no need to look anywhere. They are all about customer service…” – David Chau

Verdict of this Cool Handle Review

There is so much being offered by Cool Handle that it is really difficult to list absolutely everything without just copying and pasting from their website. The amount of software options that can be loaded on with a few clicks of the button is a bit overwhelming. They have the ability to provide software for every kind of website out there – blogs, eCommerce, customer care portals, and so on. Their Flash tutorials and website design services make Cool Handle really stand out from the competitors.

After reading through thirty comments left by users, I only discovered the one negative review. That bodes well for the site, because one would expect to find primarily negative reviews on the Internet. The negative issues were very minor in comparison to some other sites I have read over, too.

If you are looking for a place to register your domain name, and start up a blog today, Cool Handle Hosting would be the ideal spot for you. The options are endless with this company, and are there to help you create the best website imaginable.

I would rate Cool Handles highly, giving them at least a 4/5 from what I’ve read on their website, the tutorials, and customer reviews. The only thing stopping me from making them a 5 is they are a little more expensive than other hosting sites (only by a few dollars a month). If you know what you’re doing, you may want to look at a cheaper alternative, but if you’re a beginner, Cool Handles is perfect for you.

Click here to visit Cool Handle web hosting’s official website.

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