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Codero Web Hosting Ratings

Codero Web Hosting Rating and Reviews - Somewhat good
A good web host overall, with some caveats
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Codero is a relatively new hosting option, having started up only in summer of 2009. That being said, they do have an extensive background in hosting from working with other companies. After 15 years working with’s hosting solution, they have a wealth of experience to draw from, offering hosting solutions for small to mid-size companies.

Quick Facts About Codero Web Hosting

  • Codero was started in July 2009
  • Ranked in the Top 10 for hosting on several hosting review sites.
  • Servers in Phoenix,AZ and San Diego,CA
  • Services: Dedicated or Managed Server (starting at $60/month), Backup services ($10/month and up), network uptime guarantee of 99.9% (hardware 100%)
  • Phone: 877-999-2750

Products and Services by Codero Web Hosting

Codero offers a wide range of services, and all of them are customizable.

Starting with a dedicated or managed servers from $60 a month, you can upgrade every aspect of the service. The most basic, dedicated server offers a 1.8GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 250 GB hard drive. That server can be upgraded all the way to include a Intel Core Duo 3.0 GHz processor, 8 GB of RAM, four 1.5TB hard drives, plus upgrades to bandwidth and IP addresses.

A Linux-based operating system is included, with the option to upgrade to a Windows-based system.

Hostorian’s Review of Codero Web Hosting

Codero’s Performance

There aren’t many independent customer reviews available on the Internet, but the ones I have come across have been one way or the other. Two common themes: up-time is not very reliable, and the price is very competitive. Several people have commented that their dedicated servers remained down for up to a week at a time, with no refunds available. The problems started in 2009 and have persisted until the latest incident in July 2010.

Features of Codero Web Hosting

The features available for Codero are very limited in comparison to other hosting companies. There is an e-commerce add-on, email hosting, and remote access control panels, but when compared to other companies that offer various blogging platforms, Drupal, Joomla, or even a basic site builder, Codero is definitely geared to a larger, established company than a newcomer wanting to start up an online business.

Codero’s Support and Customer Care

There are several options to receive support with Codero, whether you are a customer or not.

There are agents available for a phone call 24/7, as well as, live chat (which does NOT ask you to install any software). The agent I decided to chat with was very polite and prompt with their responses. They actually spent the time to read what I was asking about (best package to choose for a website), asked some follow-up questions, and provided a reasonable answer.

Another great option is the Knowledge Base. At that site, you can search through the articles, or post your own, to discover the answers to a wide-range of problems. Because Codero uses common operating systems, the information found on other websites would be more in depth and helpful, but having a local option is nice for people not wanting to do an extensive search for information.


  • Servers are completely customizable from RAM, Hard drive, Operation System
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Reasonably priced


  • Automated backups of servers is an extra cost
  • Not for beginners
  • Long down times noted by some users

Actual Customer Reviews of Codero Web Hosting

“2 hours now my server’s been down.. They rebooted it an hour ago..worked for 10 minutes..and then down again. This is how its been the last 2 days since relocating to Phoenix.” – Mike2010

“Codero has been amazing. Super faster server, only matched by their network and support staff. One of the best thing’s I’ve ever done with my business.” – Landmine

“The dedicated server went down and stayed down for almost a week. When the service was restored they couldn’t recover any data, citing corrupted hard disk. We had to use our own out-of-date backup and live with the missing data. Customer service response time was acceptable but the attitude and ability to solve the problem weren’t. They had the balls to suggest paying for the backup service!! Moved to a different shared host and couldn’t believe the difference in price and cp features. We canceled the service but didn’t do it in time before the automatic renewal date as Codero requires 7 days notice. I contacted the customer representative stating the case and asked him to hold the charges. When he responded a week later the card was already charged and they refused to give any refund, steadfastly referring to the term of service. So we paid $660 for 3 days of unused service. Horrible customer service, unreliable hosting, and no automatic backup for the premium dedicated server service.” – Codero Customer

Verdict of this Codero Web Hosting Review

After analyzing the comments left on the various review sites, choosing Codero appears to be a crap-shoot.

The comments about the servers being down for any length of time over an hour concerns me. Unless those sites were operating a service as large as Twitter, there should be no reason for those servers to be down for so long.

The only thing stopping me from giving Codero a zero rating is the number of reviews out there is a very low number. A small sample size of only six reviews does not mean much. That being said, Codero’s website only has five positive reviews themselves, which does not bode well for their product.

If you’re comfortable working with a Linux server, and need a place to test and design your site, Codero seems to be an attractive option for you. The options to customize are very broad, and the prices cheap. With that cheap price comes the chance of a server failure, so I do suggest an off-site backup option.

Until I see more positive reviews, I can only rate Codero a 2/5 for people looking for 100%, guaranteed up-time.

Click here to visit Codero’s official website

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