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There are many reasons that cheap Linux hosting is always in high demand.  The two most popular platforms are Linux and Windows, but Linux has been able to keep a firm grip on the top spot.

Reasons that Cheap Linux Hosting is More Popular Than Windows

Linux offers a variety of advantages to webmasters that Windows has not been able to duplicate. Here are some of them:


For many people, the price alone is enough of a difference, especially if they have little experience with either platform.  Since Linux was created with the GNU General Public License, anyone can access it.  This has led to a variety of different Linux based platforms to suit a particular area of focus including: Red Hat, Ubuntu, and SUSE Linux.


Compatibility is a big reason that cheap Linux hosting is the preferred option.

If you are working on a Linux server and for some reason have to move to a Windows based server, the transition is comparatively simple.  However, if you start out on Windows based server, the transition to Linux almost isn’t even worth the trouble.

Linux makes moving to another platform very simple, whereas Windows makes it a hassle.


Linux has a very large and supportive community that continues to refine Linux and continually make improvements.  Even large companies like HP, IBM, Nokia, and Motorola use Linux and are dedicated to helping it grow and expand as the premier option.


Over the years, Windows has gotten a bad reputation regarding security.  Linux on the other hand has always been considered very secure.  One of the benefits of such a large supportive community is that when a threat is noticed, it is quickly fixed.  Linux has the benefit of being both simple yet powerful, making it a much more secure option.


Linux is well known for being one of the most stable platforms available.  Its stability comes from a variety of factors including the supportive community.  However, one of the biggest reasons that Linux always seems to be stable is because it needs very few resources to operate.  Windows, on the other hand, consumes much more resources, even when it is inactive.

Cheap Linux hosting will always be in high demand as it continues to boast a number of advantages over its closest competitors.

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