About The Hostorian

Yes, this is a site dedicated to reviewing and commenting on hosting companies.

Yes, I am an affiliate of most of the hosting companies I review.

Yes, I make money if/when you buy some hosting space following a link on this site.

BUT NO, I do NOT let that affect the honesty or the quality of my reviews. Here’s why:

Since I review so many hosting companies on this site, I will make money no matter which hosting company you end up with, as a result of my recommendation. So why not just be honest and call a hosting company a bunch of thugs if I think that’s what they are?

My reasoning is that if you are impressed with my honest and candid reviews, you will be more inclined to trust my actual recommendations.

That’s a good thing. For you. For me. For everyone who comes to this site.

So enjoy, and just browse around, and have fun! All the best!

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