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1&1 claim to be the world’s number 1 web host and the fastest growing web hosting company. According to their “About 1&1” page, 1&1’s global community is 7.46 million people strong with 2,500 new customers signing up every day.

Website: Click here to go to the official 1&1 Internet Inc. website

Quick Facts

  • Number of domains: 9.82 million registered domains, and over 2.7 million websites
  • Services: Domain registration, Email hosting, Linux hosting, Microsoft hosting, VPS hosting, Managed Server hosting, Root Server hosting, Windows Server hosting, “eShop hosting,” Microsoft Sharepoint hosting
  • Location: Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Guarantees: 60-day money back guarantee, 99.99% uptime, no hidden charges
  • Contact information: Call 1-877-GO-1AND1 (1-877-461-2631). Or visit the contact page on their website.

Click here to go to the official 1&1 Internet Inc. website

Products & Services

Domain registration, Email hosting, Linux hosting, Microsoft hosting, VPS hosting, Managed Server hosting, Root Server hosting, Windows Server hosting, “eShop hosting,” Microsoft Sharepoint hosting

Click here to go to the official 1&1 Internet Inc. website

Hostorian’s Review


1&1 Internet’s performance, according to customer reports found all over the web, is not too impressive. Several people report long downtimes, some even up to five days!

While they do have impressive hardware and connectivity, they host SO many websites, it’s apparently taking a toll on performance.

Well, that might be the reason, or it could be something else, but a prospective customer would be better advised to look for another web host with better performance records.


They do offer an impressive array of features, but then, so do most web hosts these days.

Oh wait! Actually, there are quite a few web hosts that offer MORE features than 1&1 Internet does. For example, these days, several web hosts offer unlimited domains on a single shared hosting account. But the marketing angels at 1&1 only offer from 1-5 domains on a single shared hosting account, depending on your account type.

With the exception of a couple of features, most features can be classified as either something that everyone offers, or something that no one needs. Methinks someone at 1&1 Internet Inc is just trying to bloat the feature list.

We don’t want features we don’t need. We want more value, better hosting, better performance, and better service.

Support and Customer Care

One word: Crooks!

Several people complain about 1&1 Internet Inc. continuing to charge their credit cards long after they cancel their accounts with them. Getting a refund may not be impossible, but it’s close. Be prepared to file a complaint with your credit card company AND change your credit card if you want to avoid getting rebilled.

I have also read accounts of 1&1 Internet Inc’s customer service people yelling at customers, calling them names, and hanging up on them.

In case a customer’s credit card fails to authorize for some reason, they send it to a collection agency before even contacting the customer to remedy the situation. This is very strange, considering it would be a lot cheaper and quicker for them to just inform the customer that there is a problem, and ask them to update their billing information. Not to mention the PR suicide they are committing.


  1. Horrible customer service and rude customer service people.
  2. A big portion of the customer support is outsourced to a non-English speaking country, which makes understanding them difficult.
  3. Performance is very bad, and customers frequently experience downtime, despite their 99.99% uptime guarantee.

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Actual Customer Feedback

If you are thinking of purchasing from 1&1 don’t do it!Louis Lang

Filed complaint with Better Business Bureau. They already have and Unsatisfactory rating there.Owner ( customerservice at clean-fill-wanted(dot)com )

My site has been down for 3 days with no support from 1and1 at all. Nobody will tell me what is going on. This company should be avoided at all costs. My site was intermittently down for 2 weeks prior to that. Please Please someone start a class action lawsuit. Google 1and1 and see millions of negative messages regarding 1and1.Steve Tarnowski

1 and 1 is horrendous in every way! After transferring a domain to them and receiving confirmation from them that the transaction was completed, they sold the name to someone else without letting us know. They continued to bill us of course, and didn’t even give the promised and advertised promotional discount. This national campaign for the site lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they have still not corrected their mistake. The Better Business Bureau and Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office are investigating them, and so is the media. As an investigative journalist myself, I have been sharing my story with the print and broadcast community and my colleagues who are realizing how poorly this company conducts business. Hundreds of emails gone unanswered, phone calls dropped with no resolution, no support at all, and ethical issues are just the tip of the 1 and 1 iceburg. Caveat emptor!Kelly

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Verdict of This Review

Not impressive at all. Stay away from this company at all costs. In fact, if you don’t like someone, send them over to 1&1 for hosting their websites. Not recommended, if you are thinking of hosting your own sites with them.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Click here to go to the official 1&1 Internet Inc. website

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  • My web site has been down since the day before Thanksgiving, now over 1 month repeated phone calls and emails to billing, vcustomer support have done no good. The billed my account 8 months after I ncancelled services and now refuse to point name servers to my current web hosting company and I continue to lose business every day. If you want my advice RUN go to ANY web hosting company other than 1and1.com

  • Many of us have had issues with 1&1 Internet. It’s time we got together to do something about it. They usually get away with the small charges because most people pay to make it go away (and 1&1 is extremely persisent over a couple dollars).

    I’ve started a facebook group to start gathering people together to share stories and tactics to resolve any alleged wrongdoings:

  • Hi
    I have had a similar problem. An ex business partner bought a web address from them but it was never used. Our parntership since finished and the bank account closed. I then recieved a bill out of the blue for the renewal of the web address even though it had never been used. I contacted 1and1 and explained this to them but because it was not me who initially placed the order I did not have the relevent password to cancel the renewal.
    I was requested to put it in writing again to cancel the account and provide them with a copy of my passport as ID. I did this and still they did not cancel the bill, I am now getting letters/emails from debt collectors. All for the massive amount of £7. I am not going to pay it out of prinicpal but it still is very annoying.

  • Their service is terrible. They publish my personal information on a domain that I don’t own nor did I give them my information. They copied my personal information from my website and paste it into another customer domain name and I ask them to remove it and they said they couldn’t and I need to fax my complaint to their legal department.

    They have my contents on someone else domain and that customer called me and ask how did my information get on their website. I have no clue what type of business they are running.

  • After many phone calls and emails, your company has decided not to take the moral, ethical and professional conduct necessary to comply with the Fair Trade Commission and Consumer Affairs strict laws concerning, “consumer deception and unfair fair practices!”

    I have already contacted the Pa. Attorney General’s Office and Consumer Affairs, plus the BBB and including State Senators and House Members in protest of your unfair and deceptive practices.

    If you go to http://www.ripoffreport.com I was not surprised to find hundreds of complaints about your company concerning mostly cancellation practices and billing procedures.

    I am now pursuing the possibility of a “Class Action Suit” against your company.

    I want your NCO Collection Agency to stop harassing me each day for a bill that I should not be billed for.

    It appears to me…after almost 6 months since my original cancellation…that someone has made the wrong decision to collect money illegally by charging accounts wrongfully.

    Please contact me asap to remedy this situation.

    Ronald Gross

    Facts: Cancelled many months ago, although 1and1 disputes.
    Facts: Did not hear from them for many months although they state they contacted me.
    Facts: Now getting daily harassing collection calls from NCO.
    Facts: Even after my complaints they again tried to bill me this morning.
    Facts: Their website has no obvious cancellation button? Why?
    Facts: Told to go to FAQ to Cancel. Did that..guess what..still no obvious cancellation button.
    Facts: Finally got email with link to another site to cancel. What? Another site????
    Facts: Went to that site to cancel and it stated my account was locked and still could not cancel.
    Facts: Ridiculous and the owner of 1and1.com needs to explain this to the many people who have filed a complaint, and hopefully to a judge who will oversee the potential Class Action Suit.


  • Super-Duper web site! I’m loving it!! Will come back once again – getting you feeds also, Thanks.

  • First of all, 1&1’s webhosting packages offer 1-5 FREE domains, not total domains.

    If you have any idea how to use a control panel, you should be able to find how to turn off auto-renewal.

    Also, webhosts don’t take your information and publish it on Whois. You probably have someone out there who doesn’t like you that put that up. Either that, or that big radial button that says “register privately” didn’t catch your attention.

  • I am having the same problem as Ronald and filed a complaint with the BBB. Hopefully, enough people will file a complaint against them that they will be investigated for unfair business practices — which they clearly are (try transferring a domain from them). If they decide not to drop the collection agency claim and after I hear back from the BBB — I will drive to their jurisdiction and file a small claim and take them to court.

  • In reply to “anonymous 1” …

    If you work for 1and1 (sounds like you might) I can understand why you are ashamed (even scared) to reveal your ID. 1and1 SPECIALISE in snatching extra dollars wherever they can … and in particular from departing customers.

  • Hello, I have just finished a terrible conversation with Nora in billing and David her supervisor who told me my claim is like”Straw Man that won’t stand a chance!”.
    I phoned them last year to cancel followed their instructions and sent an e-mail telling them of cancellation for my account. They acknowledged my e-mail then saying to phone them.
    My first call today they told me unless I had proof using recorded telephone conversations, having my telephone bill showing calls were made to them is not proof of phoning in to cancel, I could have just been calling in for general questions or to say Hello. Is it even legal to record telephone conversations, does anyone other than governments or big business do tape recorded quality control. Very interesting that they can’t find records of me phoning in, but the proof is up to the customer that they should have taped the “ALLEGED” conversations. After them first saying they had no proof that I had attempted to cancel my account, they later said that yes, I had e-mailed them that I had canceled my account, but that proves NOTHING!

  • 1and1 must be stopped! How come they are allowed to run a company like this! I am in the same situation, I have had a hosting account with them for many years and now moved to heart, but for almost 6 months i have been trying to cancel my account! Firstly they did not give the correct information within the cancellation process so domains were not being transferred! then I have tried so many times to cancel with no luck its says it will be canceled but never is!

    i have spoke to so many people and sent emails but the all just give me to same info just go through the cancellation process and at that time it says it will cancel but it never does! can i speak to a manger noooooo email to complaints@1and1.co.uk yeah you know any company that asks you to send complaints via email there is trouble! they will not give any compensation! they will not give any refund of any kind even if it is there error!

    The worst part is………my account is still open! I just do not know what to do, I have even sent a letter to them! and nothing so these guys are stealing my money and somehow they are getting away with it. I have contacted consumer direct…….what a waste of time, there answer was not sure really, send them a letter…..”thanks for that!”

    The world has gone made why and how are these companies getting away with this?

  • I have reported your business practices to the BBB. We cancelled your service at the beginning of this year 2011 . Then you send my billing info to NCO without notifying us . BBB will be in touch , At no time did you send any hard copy to me .
    I will never do business with you again. I sent a payment of the alleged sue amount and today you send me another bill via NCO. I passed this to my attorney. If you send me one more piece of paper other than the receipt I will seek legal action.
    Accnt 3D901Q
    You need some ethics

  • 1and 1 allowed my 11year old son to run up 15000 pounds worth of domain registration, they emptied my credit card then proceeded to registrar the rest 15k worth on credit setting up hundreds of direct debt accounts, at no time did they think this was not normal practice. They don’t believe that my son could have done this have locked down all domains, now i am being taken to a court of their choice, they have ruined my life i will need to go down the route of bankruptcy, i don’t think i will get a fair hearing due to insufficient funds to produce my witnesses in their favorable jurisdiction . They really are corporate gangsters.

  • I’ve been contacted by 1&1 about an account that I don’t even have with 1&1…. How do you deal with that, they say that my credit card has failed to authorize for some reason…. Which is no big suprise to
    me since I never had an account with them…..so why would my credit card company authorize any charges….. they said that they will send it to a collection agency If I don’t care of the matter ASAP. And like somone stated before 1&1 never contacted me until now

  • BEWARE of 1&1

    When I was first miss-billed I tried to transfer my domains. IMPOSSIBLE because 1&1 will not release any of them; not even the one’s not in the contract.

    The second time, I was advised trough an email to change my package. Impossible as well.

    I was just hung up on … because billing said, “I am ending this call because I’ve warned you not to interrupt me again!” Click. OMG I’m laughing and crying at the same time!

    I’ve never been credited for my affiliate work either.

    Finally, seems my customer’s domains and my customer’s webmail are being held hostage because my account has been locked for several weeks now. Apparently, there seems to be no resolve other than pay for billing that I do not owe.

  • 1AND1.COM This is a fraudulent company and unformed. Not accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau). Keep and not to delete your personal information and credit card. Billing is days after order with higher values than those agreed. Your domain can go in redemption period and finally you can lose your domains.

  • I thought I would do the 30 day trial. The site was not going to meet my needs. I cancelled within 7 days. Low and behold even though my account showed as being cancelled I was billed a second time. Customer service did nothing. I feel for the options offered they are too expensive. I went with a different vendor. That is significantly less expensive.

  • Fed up with poor service we decided to switch to One.com. We cancelled 1&1 in March 2012; they failed to repay the sum for that quarter and I was really surprised to see that they lifted another £72 at the end of July.

    On the telephone we ran through the whole litany of passwords account and contract number even giving them the key number which is locked into the technical detail of our website. We spoke to three different people in two countries (the other, thank goodness, was the US).

    1&1’s demands were extraordinary including us sending them documents of personal identification!!!!!!

    They are not only appalling technically, as people but they are also mad.

    Take a look at the oleaginous smirk on the CEO’s face – but have a vomit bucket nearby.

  • Ditto all above problems. I cancelled and cancelled and cancelled. I finally went up the line and was told, in a very rude manner, YOU signed a contract for 1 year and since you did not cancel during the first 30 days you are on the line for the whole year. He finally said he would cancel it “early” but not refund anything that was already billed to my credit card. What? This has been going on for months and months and by now I think 3 quarterly bills of the 4 have been put on my AMEX. I got AMEX to remove the charges but then they sent my account to NCO collections. really? daily harrassing phone calls! Very deceiving company. and absolutely NO concern for the customer. Even when I told them lots of people change their minds and all other websites are understanding and will cancel even if you go past the 30 days, but I swear I don’t remember any “CONTRACT” for 30 days. they need big bold red print that says “IF YOU CHECK THIS BOX YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ONE YEAR, NO MATTER WHAT”. I’m waiting to see what happens when the year is up and they automatically renew it even though the supervisor says the account is cancelled. I can’t check because I couldn’t ever remember my website address they gave me!

  • Received a call from 1&1 today and was told I would have 24 hour customer service and 30 days to cancel if I was not completely satisfied. My site would be up in an hour to review and I was given a toll free number to call with any questions. Well I went to check site two hours later and could not find the site, called the 24 hour customer service number and got an voice mail. Then found that they made a charge to credit card after I was told no money until after the 30 day trial period. I reported the charged to bank, canceled the card and this all happened within a 3 hour period. I feel so stupid for falling for this scam! Hope I don’t have the problems I have just read about from other people. Plea.areful when dealing with these people

  • dont use 1 and 1 , its a scam and fraud contrick , im warning you , read reviews from ripped off customers on the web , all the same story , i cancelled over a month ago and they just billed me for another year , previously charged me for a free trial of software too , avoid , taking legal advice

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